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In Home Caregiver Careers in Edina, MN

You believe that you are the best in home caregiver to your senior loved ones. Yet, you are not a trained and skilled home caregiver.

This is why you need us, Comfort Keepers, leaders in home caregiver services in Edina, MN. For, our compassionate, highly trained and skilled staff will offer your mother or father quality personal care services within your home.

Leaders in home caregiver services

We believe that any two senior loved ones are different in their needs, health condition and nature. We will treat your parents differently under our carefully designed in home care services.

Feeding and other dietary needs

Your aged loved ones are not able to feed on their own, which is a traumatic experience for them. Our Comfort Keepers have skills to make your elderly parents enjoy their meals without sacrificing the quality and nature of the foods they eat as per their health needs such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Assisting with their cleaning

Our caregiver services aides, with utmost gentleness, understanding, respect and care, will bath, groom and manage the overall hygiene of your aging parents.  Besides the general bodily cleanliness, the cleanliness will uplift their spirits, enable them to relax and stimulate their blood circulation.

Lifting and placing them comfortably

Age, health condition or other factors may have left your loved one immobile. In home caregiver aides have the skills to lift and place them in comfortable positions in bed, on the chair or other surfaces. Such professional movement ensures your loved one’s body surface - skin and muscles - remain in their natural state while facilitating their regular breathing, digestion, and elimination.

Helping with their movement

Comfort Keepers staff will assist, accompany, encourage and remind your aging parents of their youth by engaging them in short walks, stretching, or doing some not so strenuous activities because of their individual age, ability, and general health. Being active will improve their blood pressure and sleep, stimulate their digestive system, boost their energy and stamina, and strengthening their hearts.

Natural calls assistance

Nothing hurts your elderly loved one’s ego like soiling themselves. Dignified answering nature calls under our in home caregiver services would boost their self-esteem.  

For further details on our In Home Caregiver services in Edina, MN, call us today at (763) 219-8497. We will be happy to hear from you.

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